An innovative and engaging concept to playfully educate children about the importance and meaning of energy and sustainability.
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Zapland is a digital-physical hybrid platform educating children about energy through the most natural and intuitive activity, play.

It consists of a self-sustaining, real-life playground and its virtual counterpart, a connected digital space. Children generate energy by playing with any of the games in the playground and this energy is measured and tracked in the cloud. 

Children may customise their own Zappy, a playful character that they use to check-in at the playground. Zappy also has a virtual persona that lives in This is where Children can monitor their progress, sign up for challenges and unlock new levels. The more energy they generate, the more capable, the more unique their Zappies become.

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We believe in a future where good technology enables society to ultimately become more responsible, more resourceful and more aware. Within 5 - 10 years from now technologies like NFC, motion detection and constant online connectivity will be accessible to the majority of society by default. Although human behavior swiftly adapts to technology, the need for education, to provide good social models will not fade away. Children will be subjected to a more diverse set of experiences and this is where ZapLand innovates.

A systematic gamification approach ensures that youngsters are continuously engaged and through this they get a sense of what energy means, how it is generated and how valuable it is in the everyday household.


Our aim for the residency is to develop the working prototype of the entire Zapland ecosystem.

We will manufacture a 1:1 version of one of the toys called Zuppa, the backend of the energy tracking system, the site and the Zappies, the customisable gadgets that identify every children.